Top 10 Hardest Sports to Play

The sports industry has evolved from over the years, and have been around since a few centuries ago. Have you ever wondered about how certain sports were created? If you’ve got an active imagination as I do, you would probably let your mind swindle in and out and above and beyond into thinking that In those times, some 500 years ago or so, it was more of something somebody accidentally did, that somebody did again and eventually influenced others to try it and soon everybody wanted to do it better, were a competitive idea was born and that would have eventually became the standard thing people would have done in and had to win in order to come to a mutual agreement or to create a sense of fairness etc.

Sports is such a beautiful thing as it engages ones physical being directly into the game and also challenges one’s thinking ability to some maximum and heights beyond one’s own horizons and so not everybody would be able to do this. Sport players require practice in the art of how they play something. Let’s take a look at 10 of the hardest sports to play.

  1. The 10 Most Difficult Sports to Play
  2. 10. Golf
  3. 9. Soccer
  4. 8. Running Marathons
  5. 7. Rugby
  6. 6. Tennis
  7. 5. Gymnastics
  8. 4. Canoeing
  9. 3. Paralympics
  10. 2. MMA Cage Fighting, Freestyle Wrestling or Boxing
  11. 1. Formula 1 Car Racing

The 10 Most Difficult Sports to Play

10. Golf

Let’s face it, not everybody is a “Tiger Woods” at golf. Ever had an experience where you’re standing and being watched by a few people concentrated on the course and with a firm grip holding up your golf club, trying to stand in a sturdy position where your feet is locked onto the ground, you’re telling everybody to be quiet as though the sound of their voice will affect the movement of the ball, you’re swearing the ‘birdies’ for chirping and then you’re now ready to make your move. Ready to give it your best shot only to slice a piece of grass patch of the lawn into the air and the ball is still on the ground and barely even moved. Disappointed? Don’t be.

Not everybody can play golf. To play golf, it requires a player to be absolutely still while holding the golf club at a certain angle, that is to be directly opposite the hole a few yards or meters away, these are the most challenging parts to the game, in order to judge how hard to hit the ball so that it doesn’t land too far from the hole or way off the course. It all depends on the impact of your shot a few yards away firstly. Even when near by the hole, you have to touch it with just the perfect amount of push from the club to the ball so that it doesn’t sway off its ball and hole path as well as doesn’t go pass the hole.

Not that I’m a professional golf player myself, however it’s suggested that you start with a game of Pud to get the hang of the whole swing before taking to the golf course.

9. Soccer

Soccer - Hardest Sports to Play

At ninth spot in the list of hardest sports to play will definitely be soccer. Playing soccer sincerely takes more than just kicking a ball or scoring through the goal post. There is alot of skills that must be constantly developed from one person or as a team in order to become a professional soccer player. These skills include: being able to pass a light weighted and heavy weighted ball by command in a rush without creating opportunity or an open path for opposition players to grab a hold of it, because once you let the ball slip off your feet onto the next team, the chase begins again and the cycle continues with the only difference of your team being behind the league and on the defense side, better hope your goalie is sharp for the opposition teams counter strike.

Playing soccer is all about co-ordination of the team, to be able to communicate beforehand with your team as to who is going to be passed the ball at whatever time by anticipating the moves of opposition players and counteracting it by preparing your team members of what could possibly happen from whichever member and what they can do in that rush to counteract it. Keeping ones eye on the ball and dribbling that ball while running across an enormous field with the world watching you is something that not anybody can do; you’re also bound to sway off your tracks too by distraction of some sort.

Another hard part in playing soccer is the ability to strike a ball from a distance without losing speed of the ball into a net a few meters away at a certain striking angle so that it makes the goal and for a goal keeper, is also rather difficult as it’s not always easy to save every single goal where your body cannot swiftly jump to defend.

8. Running Marathons

Running Marathons Hardest Sports to Play

On a yearly basis you wait for the greatest event of the year which is Marathons. In particular we’re’ speaking about running marathons which entails sprinting a kilometer or two, in competition with other runners under weather conditions that are not always the rosiest. It could be scotching hot under the sun or particularly in the pouring rain, if it’s a misjudgment in the weather forecast. While the weather isn’t all that makes Running the marathons aren’t the worst of one’s concerns, people with health issues such as heart problems are bound to collapse, or fall unconscious on the road if their bodies cannot handle the ultimate running distance.

It’s a beautiful and lively sport but it isn’t for everybody. A vehicle is built to move a certain amount of KM/s but a body isn’t meant to run so many miles without sufficient rest. Even the fittest of the fittest may not make it as a human body is a human body at the end of the day.

7. Rugby

Rugby Hardest Sports to Play

If you thought that Soccer is a hard game to play, Rugby on the other hand is totally another hard hitting story which requires a battalion of real men warriors, hard built, the masculine of the masculine of hardcore bone busting strength is required to be only ‘fit’ for the game, compatibility is where Rugby is more demanding for the game.

While soccer involves just dribbling and fast paced movements in terms of eye movements and passing the ball to other team members, rugby involves an entirely different setup which involves playing with an oval shaped ball firstly, which is heavy and hard to throw from a distance, can you imagine the size of an arm you need to have in order to throw that Oval a few meters where the catch on the next side becomes the immediate next throw altogether to be further passed around to other team members who have to run and carry it, to deliver it ‘home’, make the run and take one for the team is what it’s all about.

What makes Rugby one of the hardest sports to play is the fact that one of the main things is when a team of opposing muscular sized men ram head each other in a rough fashion where they literally head and tackle each other and your shoulder is the ultimate driving force.

6. Tennis

Hardest Sports to Play

Demand of mental ability as well as physical, can sometimes be absolutely draining to the body especially to such an extent where somebody may have heart issues or suffer huge amounts of stress at a time. Tennis is another hard and most difficult sports to play due to being at the highest of your mind’s wits in order to smack a ball amongst yourself and your partner against somebody else and their partner.

Sounds easy isn’t so? Nope not at all and only a person with years of experience on the tennis courts will be able to understand how mentally straining it may be to keep yourself at the highest of your attention levels which by the way requires a razor sharp mind as well as an active body that is focused and locked onto the ball approaching at a knock of a bat high speed. This basically means, you have to hit the ball precisely at exactly the angle it came from, which could be down, up, left, right or from the middle.

In order to successfully play this game, you’d have to move physically according to the ball for several hours of playing as well as working your mind simultaneously as well. If you’ve had the privilege of versing a certain opponent before, you’d have to do a whole lot of pointless anticipations in order to predict what kind of move somebody is going to pull against you to sway you off which means you must be psychologically sharp too!

5. Gymnastics

Gymnastics Hardest Sports to Play

Can you personally run freely like a ninja character and perform a summersault flip in the air over a raised bar and still land on your feet without touching the raised bar at all? If you’re the average guy, the answer would probably be no and it’s completely understandable, don’t beat yourself up! Here it isn’t an easy task to do anyway.

It’s something the average person really isn’t supposed to be do because not everybody has the back bone to flip and perform stunts of that nature in the air. These are for extraordinary people to perform. Gymnastics requires a selected few people on this planet in order to do complete justice to the sport altogether. As competitive as it is, people would have to have the body of a rubber to expand, contract and to be inhumanely flexible in order to perform certain gymnastic movements. Such things would involve bending in positions that may break ones back or to stretch in some ways that are nerve wrecking to watch, so can you imagine the actual physical breaking factor of it.

You can walk away from an injury caused by soccer, rugby or anything else, but can you walk away from a few bones breaking or splits worn out to a core? In such cases,a person wouldn’t only be able to play sport, but also to perform the essential human functions like walking and running etc. Gymnastics is considered by scientific studies as one of the hardest sports to play.

4. Canoeing

Canoeing Hardest Sports to Play

A boat no matter what size would simply float on the water, but what propels it forward is the main element of its motion. A boat with a motor or two at the back for an instance would rocket forward, fast enough to carry you a few meters or further depending on the amount of Fuel it has. This is a big deal in a normal boating cases, but NOT when it’s in the form of Canoeing as a sport.

It’s fairly a very hard sport to be a participant in, if you’re competing against others in a race that’s for the money, simply because it takes a whole lot of stamina, muscular endurance and a king Kong amount of energy to steer against the weight of 2 or more persons, against the tides or small waves, and to propel it forward with just your arms. Canoeing isn’t only one of the hardest sports to play but a dangerous one too if you think about it on all technical terms.

3. Paralympics

Paralympics Hardest Sports to Play

Anybody can participate in the Olympics, it’s not uncommon and no surprise. Can anybody without a few essential human needed limbs such as: Hands, legs etc. perform a sport of swimming etc.? The answer to this question is definitely a Yes! But with an absolute amount of hardship in order to pull it off, which is why my respect for people in Paralympics goes to some far extreme levels.

Personally, even I as an ‘abled’ guy who is physically fit and mentally stable etc. As well as some of you who I’m pretty sure would agree with me, find it a little hard to do the things that peeps of Paralympic sports would do, even with the privilege of our hands and legs. These masters however tend to blaze through the whole process since absolutely nothing holds them back from doing what they need to do.

2. MMA Cage Fighting, Freestyle Wrestling or Boxing

Ronda Rousey vs Miesha Tate

MMA Cage fighting is regulated and under strict rules and conditions with penalties if it isn’t done properly in the ring by participants and opponents. Fighters are allowed to do virtually any move to get an opponent down as long as those set of moves are within the respected boundaries of the rule sets that regulate the sport while in commencement.

It takes more than just muscular built men to fight each other in the ring. For one, you must have the strongest of mindsets to be able to respect your opponent enough to know when to stop as rage can turn into a death match if it isn’t controlled or stopped. It also requires somebody who has a mighty power of withstanding multiple blows at a time yet still getting up and fighting back. It certainly doesn’t mean that when a man in the MMA or boxing ring would fall, that it would be a soft landing seeing that the ring is made of a cushion material.

The amount of impact it would take to drop a big sized man, must have been extremely hard in the first place for him to have fell. MMA as a sport however is mind wrecking and body wrecking too, if you’re aren’t vigilant enough as it requires you to duck, dodge, block and to attack in the same rush in order to defend, counteract and make your move on your opponent.

Other factors which make this sport something literally ‘hard’ to be in is the fact that you’re fighting! Which means being kicked, punched, dominated and bound to be hurt in every place possible.

1. Formula 1 Car Racing

Formula one Hardest Sports to Play

Ranked number one amongst the hardest sports to play, simply due to how much of concentration, flexibility, physical endurance and tolerance of discomfort for long hours, mental stability and sharpness, years of experience needed to play, the amount of skill one has to develop as a standard and as a compulsory step in order to be a performer in this sport without killing others or getting killed themselves. The other 9 hardest sports to play listed above are dangerous, but not as difficult and life threatening sports as Formula one is.

It is the hardest sports, simply because it requires a whole different species of man altogether and somebody who can follow a code of precision by the second at that speed, pressure, velocity etc. One may be able to survive an earth quake, falling mountain, tsunami, yet remember death is always the final destination of one’s life. Don’t be fooled, impress nobody will be impressed with speed that you cannot handle in a car and it’s not always your life that’s at stake on the road.

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